What if the Dog Responsible for Your Child’s Injury is Your Own House Pet?

The lovable traits of dogs and the number of dog bites reported in the U.S. every year simply present a contrast. It wouldn’t be a surprise if one would ask, how it can be possible that a fun and loving animal, such as a dog, could be responsible for as many as 800,000 bites, many of these requiring emergency medical treatment, some necessitating re-constructive surgery, while a substantial number too being fatal, especially if the victim is a baby or a child (below nine years old), or a senior citizen.

Dog owners are fully responsible for the care and health of their pet dogs. This responsibility includes making sure that their dogs get their daily dose of exercise, besides giving them the right food on timely intervals. Dog exercise, according to dog experts, should be a part of a dog’s regular activities. Being energetic animals, a dog’s unspent energy can be directed to destructive chewing, constant scratching on the wall, door or floor, knocking over of furniture, whining, digging, jumping up on people, play biting or rough play. Though a sad fact, but many owners realize too late that unused energy can make their pets injurious, even to them, but most especially to their children.

The website Hankey Law Office says that dogs are natural predators, and are capable of inflicting great physical damage on – or even killing – a person very quickly. Some dogs are inherently aggressive and may have a history of attacks; others may be otherwise docile pets which attack without warning.

Expert and concerned dog owners agree that dogs may actually be dangerous, but this is limited to certain breeds only. Among the many breeds of dogs in the U.S., the ones identified by experts as the most dangerous are the Rottweiler and Pit bull terriers (and their mixes). It may be surprising to know, but in a number of states, courts have even given police officers permission to shoot Pit bulls if these show any threat of attacking or biting anyone.

Children are always the ones at risk from dog bites due to: their natural curiosity, which may cause them to unintentionally provoke a dog; their play behavior, which can appear challenging or irritating even to a normally patient dog as well; and, their inability to recognize the warning signs of a dog attack and to defend themselves when a dog actually attacks.

Victims of dog bites or dog attack can pursue legal action. The only question is, what if the dog responsible for the injuries or, sadly, death of your sibling or child is your own house pet (this has been the situation in so many instances). A competent dog bite lawyer (also called a personal injury lawyer) may be able to help clarify the legal matters concerning such issue.


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