Five years later, BP claimants still fighting in appeal process

It’s been about five years since the 2010 explosion in Macondo Prospect, a British Petroleum (BP) oil field, caused a massive spill just off the coast of Louisiana. The accident caused devastating consequences for the surrounding area.

According to the Williams Kherkher website BP Claims Appeal, BP has made a commitment back in 2012 to mitigate the damages caused by the oil spill. Aside from the huge environmental concerns it raised, the oil spill also caused significant economic losses for individuals, business owners, and other groups near the affected coastline. Unfortunately, until today, these consequences have yet to be properly answered for.

Legitimate claimants, properly rewarded just compensation by the court, continue to fight to receive their settlement in appeals made by BP. As several news outlets continue to report, BP has constantly been appealing several claims in the last few years. BP was able to negotiate the right to make appeals against any claim over $25,000 and have been winning 75 percent of these appeals.

If you are one of the hundreds of claimants deeply affected by the oil spill, you might lose your chance at receiving just compensation by failing to respond BP’s appeal. You will stand better chances if you become familiar with appeals process and learn which appropriate steps to take.

A claimant will learn about an appeal upon receiving an official notice. The appeal could be a contest against the amount of compensation granted to the claimant. Sometimes, BP might also seek to deny any form of compensation at all. Upon receiving your notice, you will only have 14 days to respond and submit an initial proposal. After this deadline, both parties will have 10 days to submit at final proposal. Because preparing these documents can be hard to accomplish, it would be better to seek out appropriate legal counsel as you move along this process.


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