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Different Drug Crimes

Different Drug Crimes

A criminal charge involving drugs is probably one of the most devastating thing that can happen to a person. Not only does criminal charges have direct consequences such as time in prison, it can also have indirect consequences like reputation and employment issues. It is good to know that these charges can be defended with the help of legal professionals, like Truslow & Truslow.

But do you really want a criminal charge in the first place? Of course you don’t, and that is why prevention is always better than cure. Your first step to completely prevent criminal charges involving drugs is to know the different kinds of offenses that you can be charged with.

Drug Distribution

Drug distribution, also commonly known as drug trafficking, involves the selling and transporting of illegal drugs. You can be charged with drug distribution if you possess drugs and have intention to sell them. You can also be charged with drug distribution if you are distributing controlled substances, such as prescription medications.

Drug Manufacturing

Drug manufacturing refers to the creation or cultivation of drugs, like methamphetamine and marijuana. If you have been involved in the process of creating and cultivating, you may be charged with drug manufacturing. Typically, you may only be charged if you have possessed an element in the creation or cultivation process, like marijuana seeds, and if you clearly have the intention to create or cultivate it.

Drug Possession

If you are in possession of an illegal drug, regardless of your intention of personally using it, distributing it, or selling it, you may be charged with drug possession. Possession means that the person has physical control of the property and he can determine its fate, whether to use, distribute, or sell it.

Being charged with drug distribution, manufacturing, or possession can be a very traumatizing experience, but the key thing that you should know is that your case can be defended, especially if it is only amplified by exaggerations and misunderstandings.